Gun-Werkz® offers many different sizes to suit your needs. From one ounce to 55 gallons. Read "Why Gun-Werkz works" to find out about this truly amazing product that cleans your firearms better than most solvents on the market today.  True, there are solvents out there that may clean better.  But at what cost to your health?  And most importantly, what kind of chemicals are in those other products and what are they doing to your gun. 

Gun-Werkz® is a new type of solvent that is non-toxic, non-flammable, has no harsh chemicals in it, yet it is easy on your skin but is extremely tough on carbon.  We scented it with peppermint oil so that you can clean your firearms in the house without stinking the place up and we found that the peppermint oil actually helps in the cleaning process.   

Read this online article about how effective Gun-Werkz® is compared to another cleaner.  The author of this article likes the fact that not only is it non-toxic, but is biodegradable as well.  Gun-Werkz® cleaner gets down and underneath the carbon at a molecular level to loosen the carbon while at the same time penetrating the pores of the metal to condition it.  It also offers a protectant quality that is not found in most other cleaners. 

Customers are telling us that they are amazed that they don't have to use as much as the other cleaners to do the same job, only better.  The protectant qualities are amazing, try this test at home.  Take a piece of metal, clean it with isopropyl alcohol and let that evavaporate.  Next, sand down the metal to remove anything on the surface.  Wipe it down again with isopropyl alcohol and spray a small amount of Gun-Werkz® on the metal and rub it in,  then wipe off any excess.  Next, run water on it.  The water beads up and runs off like you have never seen before.  It has actually penetrated the pores of the metal at that molecular level and created a unique surface tension that is repelling the water.  Water is your enemy when it comes to your firearms.  With Gun-Werkz® you have that additional level of protection. 

Try some today and if you are not satisfied, just return the unused portion (sealed and properly packaged) to us and we will gladly refund your money.  We are confident that you will be impressed with Gun-Werkz® cleaner and that is why we offer this guarantee. 

A great cleaner at an affordable price!

Gun Solvent

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This is better than most products I have used. 

  I like it because it is biodegradable and I would recommend this product to others.

James Sofchek

Mooresville, NC.

I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product...  

Nothing can compare.

Chris Warwick

Banning, CA.

P.S. My wife even lets me clean my guns inside the house now!

I can’t believe how clean my guns are.

...there are no harsh chemicals in it. Thank you for a great product.

Ray Cruz

CRUZIN’ Computer Services

Cypress, CA


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