After a lot of searching on the internet and at the local gun show, I have found what I believe to be the ultimate target stand. I found these stands at the Ontario, CA. gun show that is sponsored by Crossroad's of the West Gun Shows. It is not a big show so it was easy to spend more time looking at the various target stands offered for sale. I started at one end of the show and zig-zagged my way through the show. Searching on the internet you can see the target stand but you cannot get a good feel for how heavy (which is a plus) and how it is constructed (quality).

I had seen on the internet this small company that is sort of near my home town and was hoping to check out his stand at the show. As I wound my way through the aisles I came across 223 Targets and Tactical. Just a couple of tables with an assortment of target stands manned by the owner, Dan Billups. Just looking at the stands I could tell the quality was there. Dan was not pushy which I appreciated as most salesmen are and that drives me away. I did not have to ask very many questions about the stands, I could see the quality and pick up the various stands and feel the weight. These stands are very well built and thought out, not to mention the thickness of the steel used to construct them. The other stands that I bought were of no comparison compared to these. They didn't even come close.

Dan started this company because he was tired of the poor quality stands the were out there. Just talking to him made me realize that he is quite knowledgeable about guns and everything that goes with them as my knowledge is very limited. I like to target shoot.

After talking Dan's ear off, I purchased a folding stand that you buy your own 2 x 4 for the upright. That way you can make it the right height for yourself as I am 6'4". It folds up to a convenient size in which to carry and carry in the truck of you car. No assembly, just grab the legs of the stand and rotate them to 90 degrees from each other. You don't have to guess the 90 degree part because the stand has a stop built in.

Now it is off to my favorite shooting spot to try out this new stand. Had to make a stop at the local big box lumber store to get a 2 x 4 and have them cut it for me to a size that I thought would work for me. Set up was a breeze as the stand and the head have thumb screws attached to clamp the 2 x 4 tight. One thing I really like about the design of the stand is that (as Dan explained to me) is the 20 degree angle of the steel target as it attaches to the stand. He also uses a spring behind the target to absorb the impact of the bullet and thus increases the life of the steel target. Time to unload on this stand and see how it handles my poor aim but that 20 degree angle Dan was talking about.

Well, after about 400 rounds with my AR-15 and the stand set at 100 yards I have to tell you that I am IMPRESSED! As I mentioned before, I am not the best shot and having a 2 x 4 as the post, it held up just fine because there is a lot of "meat" to take the strays. As for the 20 degree angle of the plate and the spring and the bolt to hold it in place, the splatter of bullets on the ground were basically in a nice little circle underneath the steel target. The bullets hit and are directed downward just like Dan said. With the others, I could see why the bullets would ricochet anywhere and that is not safe.

As far as I am concerned, this is the stand to purchase if you want something to last. Dan has other designs to choose from and I will most definitely be buying another stand from 223 Targets and Tactical.

Below is a video of Dan's target stand in action by a guy that is a much better shot than me.

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