My search for a better target stand continues.  I went to another gun show looking for a better target stand and came across some rather interesting targets and stands.  These were such that you would hang them with chain from either a stand or a tree or whatever. They had a variety of stands and mounts in which to choose from. 

As I was mulling over the different stands and which one I was going to buy, I decided on just getting the stand in which I could hang the target on with chain or these fancy brackets that the sell.  Being on a budget, although I said I was willing to spend a little bit more money this time around.  I opted not to buy the brackets this time because one of my cousins (who has a tractor business) has some tie-down chains which he cannot use anymore because they are "too old".  Seems that when you are tying down heavy equipment, the CHP doesn't want you to use chains that may be too old because after awhile, they stretch and metal fatigue.  It wouldn't be good to have your backhoe come off the trailer on the freeway, or anywhere else for that matter.  Enough of that. 

So off to the target range with my new target and stand.  As I am setting up the target stand, it is fairly easy in its design and simple to set up.  When I was looking at the stand at the gun show, it didn't dawn on me that it sat so low to the ground.  Not really a problem.  It is just that I am used to them being at head height.  Personal preference.  Once I got the stand set up, it was easy enough to attached the chain to the target using some bolts I had purchases from the hardware store. 

Now it is time to start shooting at the new target.  My aim is getting better so hopefully I won't destroy the stand as it is all metal this time.  Safety goggles, ear protection, ammo, clean gun (with Gun-Werkz of course) and I am ready to rock and roll!

After 100 rounds, I am ready to report on this set-up.  Having the chains seems like a good idea so the target will move and take some of the energy out of the bullet thus making the target last longer.  However, what seems to happen on occasion is that if I hit the target on the right or left side, the bullet would then ricochet to who knows where.  Luckily I am in an area that has dirt piled high on three sides to contain any strays, kind of like a canyon.  I thought I saw a "puff" of dirt off to my right a couple of times which made me believe that it was a ricochet.  It makes me a little concerned and nervous as to where the bullets end up if this targets is kind of swinging in the wind?  Maybe that is why the fancy brackets they were trying to sell me.  To keep the target straight and swing straight in order to contain the ricochets. 

Much to my amazement, my aim is better as there weren't that many dings on the stand.  However, one did drill itself thru the top bar which will weaken it and will need to be replaced at some point. 

The search continues...

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