Fett Affen Technologies, Inc.® was started in a small garage in the fall of 2009 by Dave Loenker, who is a General Contractor and custom cabinetmaker. Since 1981, Dave has continuously been around chemicals and coatings that were being used in the construction and cabinet making business. In those days, nobody thought much about the effects of the products being used.

     When water based clear finishes first came out on the market for the cabinet industry, Dave was the first of his colleagues to embrace the new technology. In the following years, the technology in safer coatings and chemicals for the construction industry was advancing by leaps and bounds.

    Dave is also a metal fabricator who enjoys envisioning, designing and fabricating various creations.  Part of that fabrication includes drilling and tapping holes in metal as well as cutting metal to size. The fluids available for these needs were of a petrol-chemical base and just plain messy.

     Dave, being the creative guy he is, started looking for alternatives to the petrol-chemical fluids, and came across a renewable fluid that he could convert using a patented process. With his background in construction and his hobby in metalworking, Dave spent long nights and weekends tweaking the base fluid into products that are not only safe to use but also safe for the environment. The first fluids that Dave developed were a concrete form release and a drilling and tapping fluid. The latter worked so well that Dave could not believe his eyes. So well, in fact, that Dave asked his local machinist try it. He was astonished at how much better it worked than the other fluids in his shop.

     So how did Gun-Werkz get its start?  In the spring of 2010 Dave was busy fabricating a semi-automatic bottle filling machine to fill the bottles 10 at a time as he knew that Tap-Werkz was going to be a big hit.  Dan Billups of 223 Targets & Tactical (www.223targets.com) stopped by to see if Dave could drill some holes in a few thick metal plates.  While Dave is always willing to help out, he thought this would be a good time to show Dan how well Tap-Werkz performed.   Dave wanted Dan to drill the holes himself so that he could see firsthand the benefits of Tap-Werkz. As Dan was drilling the holes, Dave was telling him how he was planning to add some additives to make it work even better. 
     As Dan finished drilling the metal plates, we was amazed at how nicely the holes came out and was really surprised at how well it cleaned the metal as well.  So much so that he asked Dave if he could take some home to see how it cleaned his guns.  As Dave himself is always experimenting with just about everything, he tells Dan to take some and give it a try.  Later that night, Dan calls and tells Dave not to add any additives to the fluid as it cleaned his guns extremely well. 
     Dave was still determined to make Tap-Werkz perform better, he thought about what Dan had said and decided to create Gun-Werkz and further refine Tap-Werkz.  Dave did find some additives for Tap-Werkz to make it much better than the original formula.  Dave created some labels on his computer and filled some bottles so that he could have his other gun loving friends try his new gun cleaner.  All of his friends were very happy with the formula, Dave decided it needed real world testing.  Not just friends but strangers that would give unbiased opinions and those opinions were all positive. 
 Gun Werkz     The next step was to come up with a label design that would be appealing and informative as well.  That is where Dave's two daughters came    in,  Krystle and Priscilla were always by Dave's side as he was a single dad raising two girls.  They would help out around the shop and when Dave was on a job site, they would always pitch in when it came time to clean up.  As they grew older, they were always giving Dave input when he was designing a kitchen, bathroom or an entire whole house remodel.  So it was just natural that Krystle and Priscilla would want to help design a label.  What you now see on the bottles is an incredible amount of time and effort to make everything just right.
    As Dave was contemplating his business plan, it made perfect sense to create a corporation along with Dave's two daughters.  They all knew that Gun-Werkz was going to take off as a premier gun cleaner but they also knew that it was going to take a lot of hard work as their research has shown that there are so many gun cleaners on the market while one of those dominates the market. 

I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product...  

Nothing can compare.

Chris Warwick

Banning, CA.

P.S. My wife even lets me clean my guns inside the house now!

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